Cambria Replacement Countertop

Cambria – For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it is what’s called an engineered stone product or a quartz product.  It is 92% quartz with some man-made material mixed in to give it consistency of color and to make it non-porous. Cambria offers a warranty and never needs to be sealed.  It also seams really well.   I installed a Cambria countertop a couple days ago in the color Sutton.  It was a replacement countertop job.  The customer had good cabinets, they just wanted a new countertop.  Not a lot of companies will do replacement jobs, especially kitchen & bath dealers.  I don’t blame them, there really isn’t enough of a profit margin for them.  They make the bulk of their money on new cabinets; countertops are sub’ed out to guys like me.  For us, replacement countertops are our specialty.  We deal directly with the customer: we come in show them samples, take measurements and give them an estimate.  We do the whole job, removal & disposal of their old tops, install the new tops and hook up their sink, faucet and cooktop.  We even have a supplier for sinks and faucets and can provide those too.  In about a weeks time they have a brand new countertop with onestop shopping.  This customer loved their new Cambria countertop.   Check them outat:


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