I love repairing Corian!

The past couple of weeks I have repaired quite a few cracked Corian counter-tops.  I really love working with this stuff!  Of course it is unfortunate if your counter-top cracks, but the good news is if it’s Corian (or any other acrylic solid surface) it is repairable.

Now there are two ways to repair a crack in Corian; first, the DuPont approved repair would be what I call a plug repair.  I cut out the area that is cracked using a template.  I cut a matching piece of Corian (preferably from the same sheet of Corian as the original install; more on that later) drop it in like a puzzle piece, seam it with the Corian adhesive, let it dry, sand it and voila you can’t even tell it’s be repaired.  It is important to use a piece of material from  the original installation.  Corian still makes many of their original colors, but they are manufactured in batches and lots (like yarn or fabric for those of you who sew or knit) so while I may have some Cameo White Corian in my shop it won’t match the counter-top in Mrs. Smith’s kitchen that was installed 15 years ago.  I caution my customers about this if they don’t have a “repair piece” sitting in their kitchen.  Usually the sink cut out is left behind for just this type of issue, but not always.  If the customer doesn’t have a repair piece and they want to minimize the risk of seeing the repair I suggest the second type of repair, what I call a groove repair.  For this type of repair I route out the crack, fill it with the matching Corian adhesive, let it dry, sand it and voila again!   A very good repair, that is slightly noticeable.  I liken it to a faint scar.  Much better than a big dirt filled crack :-)!

If you’d like a quote to repair your counter-top, go to our website at http://www.buccieriscustomcountertops.com.  You can also email at buccieriscountertops @embarqmail.com or call at 973.875.8638.


Until next time…..TheCountertopGuy!


12 thoughts on “I love repairing Corian!

  1. Tracy Beluscak says:

    Hello! I have a crack in a Sablestone counter over a seam. The counter is 18 yrs old, but still in great condition. My son left a bag of ice on the counter which left a 12in crack in the center (not reaching either end) Is their a DIY fix with possibly using epoxy?

  2. Randy Ingle says:

    I have a commercial client and a small section of the corian broke off. The broken piece is still good and matches the section if broke off from. Is there any type of adhesive to re-attach the broken piece? It is located under the top surface on the edge. I do not work with corian but would like to fix this problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  3. Donna Short says:

    Help! I have a cracked piece of granite and I can’t find anyone in my area (north Idaho) to fix it. please call me. 208 304-1080

    1. TheCountertopGuy says:

      Sorry to hear about your sink. If it’s a solid surface once it’s cracked unfortunately it can’t be repaired but it can be replaced. You need to contact your local Corian distributor and ask them for a referral to a certified fabricator in your area. You should be able to find the distributor on the Corian website. Here’s the link:
      Good luck!

  4. Molly Weller says:

    Can I ask what you charge for a plug repair? I live in Tallahassee! Florida and I have about an 8 inch seam opening in my Corian over the dishwasher. It is a perfectly straight line. I have my cutting board piece and was quoted $1500 for the repair. Does that seem high? I feel like I’m being quoted a lot for this repair. Thank you!

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