Blanco Diamond Sinks

Have you seen a SilGranite, Diamond or Quartz sink?  These are a few of the brand names of great product, relatively new on the market but gaining popularity.  These are the sink versions of the Quartz counter-top products like Silestone, Cambria, CaesarStone, Zodiaq and a few others.  They are mostly stone with some man-made materials mixed in.  This makes them very durable, heat & scratch resistant and aesthetically appealing.  For customers that don’t want a stainless steel sink these are a GREAT choice. They come in both under-mount and drop in applications and a variety of colors.

A few weeks ago I cut out a cracked Formica solid surface sink and replaced it with a Blanco Diamond single drop in sink in Cafe Brown.  The new sink looks great and my customer was very happy with the product and work.  More recently I installed a Cambria Quartz replacement counter-top and this customer also chose the Blanco Diamond product.  However they opted for a double bowl under-mount sink in white.  The quartz sink is a great compliment to the Cambria counter-top and my customer was happy.  You can see these sinks at:

Well that’s it for now.  Thanks for reading and check out my website at:

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