Replacing an Integrated Sink

One of the benefits of Corian is the seamless look.  The counter-top and sink are all one piece, or are they?

One service call we regularly get is for a Corian or other brand solid surface sink that has cracked.  Most customers don’t realize that although the sink and counter-top appear to be one piece, they’re not.  The sink was seamed into the counter-top during fabrication, and it is possible to remove and replace it.

Recently our customer had a large Corian double sink that had cracked.  He wanted to replace it with a drop in stainless steel sink.  See the pictures below.

It’s a bit difficult to see in the before picture, but the right side of the Corian sink is cracked.  I cut out the old sink and installed the new drop in.  Our customer was thrilled with the work and new sink.

In this instance we used a different type of sink but often times we can install the same Corian sink, if logistics allow.

If you have a similar situation, feel free to forward me some pictures and I can let you know what we can do and give you an estimate.  You can reach me at



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