Plug Repair for Cracked Corian Countertop

One of the great things about Corian is that it’s repairable.  Corian is a durable product but sometimes it does crack.  I recently repaired a crack coming out of the corner in an L-shaped counter-top.  See the picture below.

page before
Crack goes into the front edge

One of the reasons this cracked was because the corner was only a 1/2″ radius.  The DuPont standard is a minimum 1″ radius in a corner like this.  I corrected that with the plug repair.

This type of repair requires material from the original installation.  When the counter-top is first installed the fabricator is supposed to leave behind a scrap piece, usually the sink cut out.  That doesn’t always happen, but fortunately for this customer, they had it.

I picked up the scrap and made the plug in my shop.  This takes some time and does create dust so I prefer to get that prep work done ahead of time.  I then went back to the customer and did the repair.  Here are the pictures with step by step descriptions:

page during 1
Top part of the cracked area has been removed using a template as a guide.
page during 2
The rest of the edge is removed.  From this angle you can see that Corian is 1/2″ thick.  To create the 1 1/2″ edge 2 pieces are added to the main piece.
page during 3
Here I’ve add the piece I prepped in the shop.
page during 4
Now I’ve added the top piece, also prepped in the shop.
page during 6
It’s glued and clamped, waiting about 30 minutes for the glue to dry.
page during 5
Glue is dry, now to sand and finish the edge.
page after
All done!
page after 2
Completely invisible repair and the radius has been corrected.

And that’s how you do a plug repair!  If you have a similar issue with your counter I’d love to hear from you.  Please call at 973.875.8638 or email at  Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you!


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