Corian Sink Replacement

Last week I replaced a damaged Corian sink with a new sink.  This customers sink had cracked a while ago, and recently it had begun leaking.  She needed to get it repaired, and quick.

Unlike a counter-top, a crack in a Corian sink cannot be fixed.  The only option is to cut out the sink and replace it with a new one.  You can install a new drop in sink, which I’ve written about in a previous blog.  Or, if logistics allow you can replace it with the same model Corian sink.  In this instance my customer had the Corian sink model 871, which is a standard size single sink.  For this model, replacing with the same sink is no problem.

While the job  is labor intensive, and takes skill, it’s doable and something I’ve done quite often.  See the results below.

glynn before
Cracked Corian Sink
glynn after
New Corian Sink


You can’t even tell that I removed the old sink and installed a new one.  You can’t beat that!

Thanks for reading my blog and have a great Memorial Day Weekend, God Bless America!

If you have a damaged sink or cracked counter-top please email me some pictures and I can give you an estimate to repair or replace.


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