Repairing a Crack in SSV

If you don’t know what SSV is, let me explain.  SSV stands for Solid Surface Veneer.  Several years ago, in an attempt to bring a solid surface “like” product to market at a lesser cost Wilsonart developed SSV counter-tops.  The SSV is only an eighth of an inch thick compared to Corian’s one-half inch. This material is then glued onto wood, giving an appearance of a true solid surface. That is until it starts cracking.  Or the sink gets all marked up.  Or the weight of the sink causes the counter-top to crack at the faucet.  All of these  problems I’ve encountered and repaired.  This product had so many problems that Wilsonart stopped making it and settled a class action lawsuit.  You can read about that here:

Anyway, on to my repair.  I’ve encountered quite a bit of SSV in my travels and it repairs quite well.  Since it’s not a true solid surface I can’t do a plug repair as described in a previous blog.  Instead I do what I call a groove repair.  It’s not perfect, you do see a shading difference where I did the work.  However it’s a huge improvement over a dirty crack.  See the before and after pictures below.

molloy before
SSV Crack Before
molloy after
SSV Crack After

In the after picture you can see a line where I did the work.  So it’s not invisible but a huge improvement.  This type of repair and refinishing can extend the life of your counter-top quite a bit.

If you have SSV or solid surface that’s been damaged, let me know.  I’ll be happy to give you a quote to repair it.  My email is

Thanks for reading!


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