Can I Change the Style of My Sink? Sometimes!

When I do a sink replacement often times a customer wants to know if they can get a different style or size sink.  The short answer is sometimes.

Now for the long answer. If you’d like to stay with an under-mount sink you need to use the same sink you currently have.  Unless your sink is a large single or double sink.  Then we would only be able to replace it with a drop in.  Since the cut out is so big you would need to get another large sink.  It could be a single or double, just as long as the cut out is the same.

If your sink is the standard size and you’re getting a new drop in you have more options.  You can go bigger, as long as your sink base cabinet is large enough.  If you have the room you can get a large single or even a double sink.  If your cabinet is not large, say only 27″ or 30″ you still have some options.  You can get what we call a “D” shape sink.  It’s sort of shaped like a capital D that’s been been turned over on it’s side.  It’s a unique shape that doesn’t appeal to everyone, but it looks good and maximizes space.

Here are some pictures of a recent job where I used the D shape sink.

Stained and cracked Corian single sink, model 871


I’ve removed the sink and enlarged the cut-out for the new drop in D shaped sink.
New stainless steel sink installed

Nice right?  It’s a unique shape but not so trendy that you’ll regret it in a couple of years.

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2 thoughts on “Can I Change the Style of My Sink? Sometimes!

  1. Gale Alwill says:

    Hi, I have an undermount sink and wanted to replace it with a stainless steel to match new appliances I am purchasing. Told this may be difficult, and costly. Can I get an estimate?

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