Replaced another Corian 871

One of the many things that’s great about Corian is that is looks seamless.  I can’t tell you how many people contact us wondering if they need to get a new counter-top when their sink is damaged.  I always explain that while it looks like the counter and sink are one piece, they’re not.  The sink has been under-mounted and glued to the counter-top.  Because of this I’m able to cut it out at that seam and replace it with the same model sink or a different type of drop-in sink.

In this instance my customer opted for a drop-in sink. She chose the Kraus model KTM25, which is a great quality 18 gauge stainless steel sink.

What was unique about her sink installation was the band of black between the sink and counter-top.  Again it looks like one piece but it’s a piece of black Corian sandwiched between the two. If she had opted for a new Corian sink she could’ve kept the black accent or I could’ve cut it out.

Check out my before and after pictures:




If you have a damaged sink or counter, shoot me an email with some pictures and I can give you a quote to repair it.


3 thoughts on “Replaced another Corian 871

    1. The Counter-Top Guy says:

      Hi Todd,
      I’m just checking my blog messaging page and it does say I responded to you. I’m sorry that it didn’t go through. Please let me know if you get this message. If not I’ll get in touch with word press to correct the problem. In the meantime you can email or text the pictures of the damage.

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