Very Unique Corian Sink Replacement

If you’ve read my blog you know that I specialize in Corian repair and I’ve replaced quite a few Corian sinks.  Well I recently had a customer who had a unique sink in a unique location.  See below:


Corian doesn’t make this sink any longer so getting the same sink wasn’t an option.
Also it was so wide that getting a sink to fit the current cut out was difficult.  There are no comparable sinks with clipped corners like this Corian 903.

What added to the problem was the width of the cabinet.  When you have a sink in the corner like this it’s called a splay corner.  Instead of the corner meeting at a right angel it meets at 2 – 45 degree angles.  This makes the front narrow and the back wide.  Any sink we found that fit the cut out was too wide for the cabinet.  We had to go smaller but the cut-out was there, what to do?

After some brainstorming I came up with this idea.


To cover the cut-out I added a piece of the same pattern Corian.  Since I did that I was able to under-mount a Kraus KDG quartz sink.  It’s a little unusual but my customer was happy that they didn’t need to replace the whole counter-top and they still have an under-mount sink.  I also refinished their counter-tops.  This is a sanding process that removes scratches, scuffs and surface staining.  It basically brings your counter back to it’s original beauty.

If you need repair on your counter-top or if you want to tell me what you think about this repair, please email me at


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