Sink Replacement With a Drainboard In The Counter

I’ve done a lot of sink replacements over the years, and only a few had the unique situation of a drain board routed into the counter-top.

This feature is great for drying dishes but can be problematic when installing a drop in sink.  See the pictures below.

It’s difficult to notice in this picture, but in the left corner you can see a bit of the groove of the drainboard.  Obviously you can see the sink is cracked and needs replacing.  Our customer wanted a drop in stainless steel sink (Kohler Staccato) which meant that the flange would be resting on the grooves.  He was concerned how this would look.  What do you think?

Not bad, right?  I sealed the area with silicone to avoid water leaking under that flange.  It’s a tight seal, but thankfully not obvious.  My customer was happy with the result too.  If you need some help with your solid surface counter-top or sink feel free to email me at



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