New Stove Won’t Fit in Your Corian?

Sometimes 30″ is 30″ and sometimes 30″ is 31″!  LOL!  Most appliances are standard sizes, so when you replace your stove, dishwasher or fridge the new one will fit perfectly in the spot where you had the old one.  However, sometimes they don’t, and that’s where I come in.

I’ve had quite a few calls where a cook-top cut-out needed to be enlarged, or where an edge of the counter needed to be cut to accommodate a new refrigerator or stove.

In the pictures below you can see a small part of the counter that bumps out on either side of where the stove goes.  Well the new stove was slightly larger than the old stove so those sides needed to be cut down. Luckily for our customer she found us online and we were able to come out within a day to cut the counter-top.

After we did the cuts we also refinished her counter.  This removed daily wear and tear like scratches, scuffs and surface stains.  When we were done she had her new stove installed and her counters were restored to like new condition.

If you have a similar situation shoot me a email with some pictures and I’ll let you know if I can help.  You can reach me at


2 thoughts on “New Stove Won’t Fit in Your Corian?

  1. reggie greenslade says:

    Replaced a stove and the existing corian cut out is larger leaving a gap on both sides of the stove. Can this be corrected?

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