Repairing Cracked Granite

Not only do I repair solid surfaces like Corian I also repair stone and quartz counter-tops.

Unfortunately stone does not repair as well as Corian, you almost always see the repair.  The goal in a stone repair is to prevent it from breaking further and to prevent water from seeping into the crack.  What I typically do is fill the crack with a color matched epoxy.  It’s never an exact match, I mix a color to get as close as possible.  Here are the before and after pictures of one of my latest jobs.

choi before 1

As you can see in this picture, actual pieces of the stone are missing.  My only option is to fill that with the epoxy.  Note, if this ever happens to you keep the pieces.  Even if they are only chips I may be able to use them to make the repair look better.

choi before 2

From this picture you can see the cracked area is raised.  The damage happened a while ago and water had gotten in.  There were metal rods supporting this piece of the counter, and they had gotten rusty causing it to buckle.  Another warning, don’t wait to get your counter repaired if this happens to you.

choi after

Again, this isn’t a pretty repair, this is probably one of the ugliest I’ve done.  However it gives you a good idea of what it’s like to repair stone verses Corian.

Moral to this story, if your granite chips save the pieces and get it repaired right away.

If you have a counter-top that needs repair send me some pictures at for a quote.


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