Solid Surface Table Repair

What’s great about Corian and solid surfaces like it is their versatility.  Not only can they be fabricated into counter-tops, but they can be made into tables, shelves and even pieces of furniture.

I recently repair a Formica Solid Surface table.  It had chipped at the seam creating a dark half moon line.  See the picture below.

prismtique morgan before

As you can also see there is a very noticeable seam too.  This was never hard seamed, just siliconed together.  They didn’t want me to fix that, just the chipped part.

I cleaned out the crack, filled it with the matching adhesive.  Once dry, I sanded the top and voila!

prismtique morgan after 1

prismtique morgan after 2

Another happy customer!  If you have Corian or some other solid surface that needs repair contact me for a quote.  Send you information and some pictures to buccieriscountertops@embarq.mail.  Thanks!



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