New Cabinets, Same Counter-tops

What do you do when you have a flood in your kitchen and need to replace your cabinets but your counters are not damaged?

Believe it or not, we’ve come across this type of situation several times, either from weather-related flooding or a plumbing issue.

In this case, we installed these counter-tops several years ago so when they had this issue the contractor called us to help re-install the counter after the new cabinets were installed.

The counter-top used was an engineered stone product called Silestone.  Silestone is primarily quartz mixed with some man made materials.  It seams really well and is less likely to crack or chip like granite.  It’s not immune to damage, but it is stronger and requires no maintenance.

Here’s a picture of the seam in progress.

baxter silestone seam during

And here is the seam completed.

baxter silestone seam after

Unless you know where to look, it’s almost invisible.

Have you had some damage to your kitchen or counter?  Are you interested in a new counter-top? Contact me at with some details of your project and I’ll be happy to give you an estimate.  Thanks for reading!


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