Seam in Reused Corian

I know I may sound like a broken record but one of the benefits of Corian is it’s repairable.  In fact, it can be even be reused.

This customer had a flood and needed new cabinets.  The contractor removed the Corian, installed the new cabinets and then had me come in to seam the Corian and refinish it.

Unfortunately when they removed it, it cracked.  So I had to redo the seam and repair the crack.

Check out the pictures below.

blue corian before

The straight line is the seam, it’s standard to be a few inches out of the corner.  The other piece is where it cracked.

blue corian after

Sorry about the glare.  You can see a faint line where I repaired the crack, but the seam is pretty much invisible.  The contractor and customer were both happy with the result.

Do you have a solid surface countertop that you’d like to reuse or is damaged? Feel free send some pictures and information to and I’ll let you know if it’s repairable and give you an estimate.



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