Plug Repair in Cracked Corian

I had the opportunity to do another plug repair in Corian the other day.  This customer had a curved crack alongside his sink that had gotten dirty.  It was really unsightly in his light-colored Corian.  See the before picture below.

cui before

Lucky for him,  he had a repair piece that I could use to do a plug repair.  A repair piece is a scrap piece of Corian left behind from the original installation.  Corian is made in batches and lots, so in order to do an invisible repair, I need to use a piece of matching Corian.  The only way to insure this, is to use a piece from the original slab, usually a sink or cooktop cut-out.

Here is a picture of the new piece being glued into the counter.  You can see the size of the piece I used to replace the crack that I cut out.  This is not done “free-hand”.  I have a set of templates made specifically for this type of repair.

cui during

After the glue dried I sanded the area, and the outcome is a smooth repair that is invisible.

cui after

Is your Corian or solid surface damaged?  Email me some pictures and information,  I’ll be happy to provide a quote.



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