Another Crack Repaired in Corian

I know it seems like Corian gets damaged quite often.  That’s really not the case, it’s a great product.  Corian is very durable and long-lasting.  However, there is a lot of Corian out there in both home and commercial applications.  With the volume of the product being used, there are bound to be some failures. I just happen to see them!

One of my latest repairs was the fairly common crack near a cooktop.  The usual reason this happens is heat exposure.  After time, exposure to high temperatures can cause Corian to crack.  Proper installation of a cooktop uses heat tape to insulate the cooktop and protect the counter.  Over time the tape can degrade and no longer be effective.  That’s what happened in this case.   Here’s the before picture.

alsheikh before pic

My customer did not have a repair piece so I did a groove repair.  Here’s the after picture.

alsheikh after pic

A groove repair is not invisible like a plug repair, there is a slight shading difference where we did the work, like a faint scar.  But I’m sure you’ll agree it looks much better than the crack.  I also installed new heat tape to protect the counter.

Is your Corian (or any other type of solid surface) damaged?  Feel free to contact me for a quote.  You can email pictures to


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