Corian vs. Heat

Corian is very heat resistant, but not heat proof.  Sometimes long-term exposure to heat can cause your Corian to crack.  One of the common areas this can occur is at the cook-top.  That’s what happened to this customer.

I’ve seen this type of damage before, and while it doesn’t happen often and there is no way to guarantee it won’t re-occur, there are some measures you can take to help prevent it.  One of them is to make sure the cut-out is done to DuPont’s standard.  In this case, it wasn’t.  Here’s the before picture.

corian bad cooktop cut before

The corners are square when they should be round.  Here’s what it should look like.

corian bad cooktop cut after

Having the cut done the proper way, like above, will help allow the heat from the cook-top to escape a bit before it comes into contact with the Corian.

Here’s a picture of the crack that was the catalyst for this appointment.

scivoletti plug repair before

And here is the after picture, I did a plug repair for this crack.  You can see more about a plug at this post  Plug Repair for Cracked Corian Countertop.

The customer had a piece of material from the original installation so I was able to cut out the crack, put in a piece from the scrap, glue it, sand it and you can’t even tell it was repaired.

scivoletti plug repair after

I also refinished their counter, which removes typical wear and tear like scratches and scuffs.  After I was done their top looked as good as it did the day it was installed.  Do you have an older Corian (or any solid surface) counter-top that could use a facelift?  Contact me with some pictures and information at for a free quote. Thanks!



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