Corian & Acetone don’t mix!!

My last countertop maintenance customer had a Corian top that had a run in with Acetone.  Now Corian is 100% acrylic, acetone eats acrylic, you ladies who get your nails done know this.  You’ve heard of non-acetone nail  polish remover right? Anyway, a portion of the top had sort of been eaten away by the acetone.  I filled  the area with the matching Corian adhesive, let it dry, sanded it and voila…you can’t even tell it was repaired.  I love this stuff!!


15 thoughts on “Corian & Acetone don’t mix!!

  1. Polo Luna says:

    Thanks so much! It saved my life… wife is going to kill me when she sees the stain. At least I now how to fix it.

  2. WCL says:

    I have this same problem right now. Blue tint acetone rings on my bathroom countertop. Can you recommend anyone in the Washington DC area to Dow hat you recommend above?

    1. The Counter-Top Guy says:

      Sorry I don’t know anyone in your area. Go to the DuPont Corian website and there is a link for local fabricators and distributors, they should be able to direct you. Thanks for reading my blog and good luck!

  3. Gene says:

    I have a slight acetone stain on my Corian top. It just took the shine off, is there a product t restore the shine that is recommended?

  4. Mary Vertuca says:

    Is there a product that will restore the dull area that an acetone spill created — back to a shiny finish that matches the rest of the countertop? I’m not sure if I have Corianor not, but acetone took the finish off and left a blue stain. Clorox took the stain out, but the area is dull.

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